The Holō Collective is forever evolving. Our community is created by the energy of diverse backgrounds with every interaction. Each instructor has a vast knowledge of their craft and share their unique style to every class.

We are forever students!  Learn how each teacher got started and their backgrounds in the bios.

Let's create something whole. Let's create something holō.

Nancy Poole
Taylor Cisneros
Chigusa Mares
Jan Scott
Jazrin Ybarra
Melody Yoko Reilly
Roxanne Murillo
Stephanie Americano
Mar'Lyn Bland
Katie Havens
Nicole Toscano
Alissa Portillo

We provide in-studio yoga, wellness, & meditation classes at The Holō Collective as well as private group & one-on-one lessons, amazing sound baths, cannabis-friendly guided workshops, and specially curated events to share our culture with you. Learn more about upcoming events here.

Our yoga teachers constantly work hard to gain as many experiences as possible in order to give them all away - that's how we learn & grow.
The wooden fish drum is an instrument used by Buddhist priests to beat rhythms when chanting scriptures and for meditation.


Interested in joining our team or hosting an event with The Holō Collective?
Send us an email: theholocollective@gmail.com or info.theholocollective@gmail.com